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21Oct, 2018
Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

The candidasa Lotus Lagoon is one of the main iconic attractions of Candidasa and it's right along the main road and easily visible. the 1000 square meter lagoon is filled with blooming pink and fuchsia lotuses with a small garden island with statue  as it's centerpiece. It's open to the public and is a regular stop off for tour to east Bali. From here you can catch a glimpse of the rugged coastline of Candidasa with its calm waves, as well as Gili Biaha, one of the smaller islets off the East Bali Coast. You may also find a spot under the shade of frangipani  to feed the carp and tilapia. Across the road, and on higher elevation from the Candidasa lotus lagoon, is the 12th century pura candidasa temple, feauturing twin shrines under a densely forested hill side. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva  and the goddess  of fertility, hariti . You may climb halfway up the staircase for better views across the lagoon, including wider seascapes with Nusa Penida Island in the distance. You can also  expect crowds of pilgrims to be attending the temple during its festive and lively " Piodalan " temple anniversaries, which occur every 210 days on an ' Anggara Kasih ' Tuesday of traditional Balinese Pawukon  Calender. 

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