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ODYSSEY Submarine Bali Tour adventure


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Come & explore unforgettable journey odyssey submarine, is an odyssey II submarine constructed using the latest advanced technology, which accommodates 36 passengers with 2 pilots. This is one of the two Odyssey Submarines in the world which will take you 70ft deep under the sea. In 45 minutes you can explore the deep ocean rim with marine life and colorful reefs. let the journey start and you will dive into the deep ocean, see thousand of marine habitats, enjoy the fish feeding attraction by our professional  divers. the odyssey submarine will bring you deeper until 70ft where it will touch the sea bed.
Your departure is at amuk Bay, transfer into the submarine deck and entry into the submarine, you will dive and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and fish and the fish feeding attraction for 45 minutes, submarine returns to the surface and ride transferable boat back to Wantilan.


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