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Bali skutis adventures offers a variety of skutis trips through Bali, the island of Gods. Electrifying Ubud will be our main tours to provide you with a new way to discover and explore the natural and culture at once. Start with a short riding training session, our guide will lead you to the expansive rice paddy views as you ride through the village. Our skutis  can be used by children aged 10 years and above as well as by all adults, who feel fit to ride bicycles. In fact going by skutis is not just more fun, but also safer and easier than riding a bicycle. Come and join our electrifying Ubud  adventures now and explore Bali in a safer, more fun, and environmentally friendly way.


Selamat datang di Rahayu bali transport, kami pemuda lokal bali siap melayani transportasi selama anda berlibur dan beraktifitas di pulau dewata dari kedatangan sampai kembali pulang. kami menawarkan beberapa paket tour yang bisa anda pilih sendiri.


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